Boom – top day, no doutbt i will suffer tomorrow

Day 3 

Well the sun was shining and the air tuned blue in physio this am, as Josh who normally looks after me was ill, so I got Adam the head of the clinic…. And boy oh boy didn’t I know it. The aim of physio on the morning is to flush out any dead legs and stuff from the day before, I can only say it was a bit like Heineken beer and he certainly touched legs muscles I didn’t know existed… a few expletives later and we were on our way.

With the sun out, I planned to take it easy as we keep getting told, we’ve a long way to go. However the signs were great Percy, Pricilla and Paul the pigs were out and gave us all a merry wave.

I would say the blisters and black toes I am starting to gain, did hurt at 1st, but you kind of “grow” into them, however at for the 1st 9 miles I was fighting my head, thinking how can I do this for 7 more days. It really is groundhog day and I do feel like a hamster on a wheel, I’ve stepped on and can’t step off… I made it to the bottom of the lake and hit mile 14, feeling ok, for the next 4 miles it is rolling hills up! I got through them and started to feel strong…. But running as I felt comfortable with.

I made it through Bowness at 20 miles and from then on other than the mighty Brathay drive and Ice-cream Mountain the course really is much flatter. At 21,5 miles, I came up Ice-cream mountain and saw David, Alice and the dogs, tears flowed, loads of hugs and Bobby the dog went mental barking like crazy as he normally runs with me. What can I say it spurred me on and I finished the last 5 miles very strong and did something I didn’t feel was possible, a negative split and a sub 4 hours’ time ( PB ) 3.59.05 which smashed all my expectations.

The 8 min ice bath in the torture chamber was the most painful thing I thought I’d experienced, then I was back on the table to be beaten by Adam and the students to make sure I get my back-side out on the course again and do it all again tomorrow.

Thank you all for your support, the family and friends on the course were fab, but even more amazing is the strangers who give you a shout out, just as you think you are having a blue moment you get another lift…. This hamster is not ready to get of the wheel yet… day 4 let us be having you!


Day 2 54.4 miles done…

Well Day 2 done and dusted, 54.4 miles ticked off the total, so the pain is building. 3 toenails now black, and pain in my ankle, but at the same time, 2 down which is a good feeling.  The day started grey and with light drizzle, much better than the day before when it was hot at the start, the down side is the pigs, in Percy, Priscilla and Paul were hiding away from the rain and made the start to the day a bit tougher.  So to get you through this type of event, there is a fab team of student physio’s from Lancaster uni, and lucky old me has this 6ft 4 bruiser who goes by the name of Josh…. Making life all the more bearable   However, he turns up today in a West Ham top and mad fan,  born and bred in Manchester…I kid you not…. I did laugh and think Trevor Bull must have paid him,,,to wear that top for a joke…. Back to the serious stuff, the course if anyone of you can imagine in the lakes is not  bloody flat, and every twist and turn has some up or down, which really gives the body some grief and is a course you have to respect… There is a hill at 7 miles called Devils gallop and really sorts you out, then miles 14-17 all up hill, with a little beauty of a hill at mile 21 called ice-cream mountain, I will stop one of the days to have one from the van… My plan for the event really is to try and enjoy each run, and enjoy the scenery, but most of all stay as injury free as you can.  Biggest challenge I have is 2 blisters and 3 black toenails already… not sure how many will be hanging on at the end, I can only hope. So the plan is now to eat as much food as I can, stay with the feet up in the air, and rest. In many ways I am living my own version of the film ground hog day…alarm at 7.15, eat, physio, run, stretch, eat, ice bath, physio, eat and bed…  What ever pain I am starting to feel and however tired I am, when you come back to Brathay, and see the place that makes such a difference to so many kids, giving them a chance in life and support they have not previously had, it makes me want to stay on the hamster wheel and go again.  Thank you – 2 down 8 to go     Day2


Day 1 26.2 miles done 235.8 miles to go

26.2 miles done… 235.8 miles to go.

So after ten months after being accepted for the event, race day 1 was finally here…. Ahead of the 16 people trying to conquer this challenge was 26.2 miles of 262 in total. The course is challenging with 1700ft of climbing, and every step of the way undulating, added to the fact the weather was gorgeous for the lakes, a daunting challenge ahead.

What can I say, delighted to see my friends the pigs at the farm 3 miles in, Percy, Precious and Paul, always make me smile, they are only out in good weather… any way about the run, decent and steady away, the hills from 14 – 17 never get any easier and passing the pub at 13 and 20 miles… are so tempting. Decent day at the office, but this challenge is not about one day, it’s the culmination of the miles and the pain that will be ahead. However whatever pain I go through it is worth it to make a difference, a big difference to the Kids who benefit from Brathay, many of them have suffered abuse, challenging environments to grow up in and significant social challenge. I can’t tell you the significant impression some of the young adults who have previously spoken about the help and life changing help Brathay provides, which makes it all worth it…. Best get up in the morning and run another 26.2 miles…