Day 9

pic is of the student who went in the ice bath with us and raised £100 – fair play

Today was a weird day, so near yet so far and the bubble of Brathay popping slightly for a variety of reasons, the quiet place we have loved for the last few days is now getting ready for the family fun day tomorrow. Further more the team of 16 runners, has now become 13 with the beast of the lake and hilly course taking its toll and injuries preventing people going any further, it was hard starting today, hearing that Bob had to pull out.  Each time we’ve lost someone it feels painful, like losing a member of your team who’s shared this emotional rollercoaster with you! Bob, Malcolm and Kevin ,you are legends and I’ve been proud to run with you and be living in the same pad for 10 days. You were all gents and love you all!

Tomorrow is for you all and Martin our old camera dude, the gentleman of Brathay who passed away last year who was the camera man who had previously captured all other events ! You’ve been with us every step of the way and tomorrow is for you!

The actualrun today was  steady, and in many ways I just needed it out of the way, every step felt, every bump a struggle but at the end of today’s run i knew I would get to see David and Alice, ( I’ve told andrew to stay at home as he’s got a level revision for his Alevels). The weather was cooler which was good, the run itself was a decent one, with niggles niggling but not getting any worse.

I finished in 4.03, so that 235.8 miles now compelted in 9 days, with 26.2 miles to go, steady away and i dream of the finish line.  The support from the lakes people has been immense has been the family and friend support, with just short of  six thousand pounds raised, I am overwhelmed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, achy legs and blistered feet… I must get my trainers on again, give my last kisses to the pigs and get the job done!


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