Day 8 – exhausted, but 200 miles ticked off


Funny old day, slept so badly and now eating is such an effort. You would reckon running for 26.2 miles per day for the last 7 days would make you hungry and tired, however the lack of appetite and dancing legs in the middle of the night is a nightmare.

The only time I feel like eating has been for the last 2 nights at 2 and 3am which has meant it’s felt like a kid’s midnight snack with custard creams and chocolate. Breakfast was painful but then so was the physio, but the start line followed and so did the run. Pigs were out, and they looked happy, so I was as we ticked off the 1st drinks station.

Funny there wasn’t much to report from the run, my usual talking to myself, around each hill and bend, the sense of the blisters banging against your shoes alongside the hip ache I have now had for 3 days.

As I approached Bowness the 200 miles goal came up, so near and yet so far from the end. I am very tired now and I know the next day or so will need me to dig deep, I only hope I can and the tight calf I felt in the last 3 miles does not give me too much grief for the next few days. I eased up at 23, as I was anxious, but maybe that is nerves, nerves as we have come so far, but maybe a few more miles to tick off to reach our goal. The physio team are outstanding and so much so, I have given them honouree 5 star badges, I have never seen so much delight in one photo…

Thank you all for your support and sponsorship, the kids on site this week have been a joy to watch, many of them experiencing new things for the 1st time and the happiness on their faces, as they are given an opportunity to be themselves, is worth the pain in my ankles, legs and toes.

Day 9 awaits…


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