Day 7, emotional train wreck but on the up.

Day 7

I can only describe myself as an emotional mess this morning for a variety of reasons, 6 done, but still a long way to go, alongside pain in most parts of my legs and toes. Doubt was creeping in, knowing I had done so well to get this far, but at the same time I had 4 more laps to do.

To top that off, I felt sick, the 5 gels a race alongside the sheer volume of exercise and interrupted sleep ( which seems bonkers, but with your body and legs laid in bed, but wanting to move all the time) grabbing an hour or 2 of sleep not being interrupted is a blessing. I took 30 mins to eat a bowl of porridge, with 8 shots of sugar in, even Goldilocks would have complained about it, but mouthful by mouthful I got it down.

There were tears on the physio table, tears when I got the card from my great team at work and tears as I went to the start…but the start I made and set off. I gave myself a good talking to and said one marathon today – 12 drinks stations and then I can rest (well until the next day.) And that’s just what I did, a drinks station at a time.

On a positive – the pigs waved me off and I have some pictures to share as you can see – feel the love with these fella’s 🙂 ;-)and the support from the cars on the course today, from so many randomers was exceptional.

I got back in 4.05 to read the best message on Facebook ever from my husband, and decided it was day that only got better. With less than 100 miles to go now, better get on with it. Superb support from everyone back home, can’t thank you enough for the emotional and sponsorship. It means a lot.


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