Day 6 – job done but it wasn’t pretty, but neither are my feet :-)

So the sun was peeking out from the clouds and from the very 1st step I was more than half-way there, followed by the delightful appearance of Percy, Pricilla and Paul the pigs at 1 ¾ miles I was hoping for a good day.

However if I am honest, it was hard graft today, not for a mile of it or so, for every 44,000 steps it takes to do the course. Hard work in my head and hard work in my hip, but on a positive I could have dropped my head and had a tough time, a few tears emerged when I thought of David, Andrew and Alice back home, but in many ways, they were shouting at me – get it done “mam” and that’s what I did. 4.03, so steady away and moving towards the goal of Sunday.

One thing that is the weirdest thing I thought I would share, and most of you will think this is mad, but we are all struggling to eat or at times it’s hard. Struggling to eat large amounts, yet it is the most important thing to do…. However I woke up at 3am last night and tucked into a bag of Cheese and Onion crisps J did make myself laugh but then breakfasts are a struggle. I will say I think I have found my one true love in Cheese and chips sandwiches, which are my post run treat…

Less of the food and more of the thanks, as I have now smashed my 1st total of 5K, which is just awesome. Thank you all. If ever there was a reminder as I came back up the Brathay bank for the finish there were a group of kids on site, gaining all the benefits of the Brathay bubble and that could not have been a better sight as I came up on to the lawn to finish, with only the thought of the 2 hours of physio and 10 min ice bath ahead to dampen the mood J The students from university of Carlisle are magnificent, and its them who are stitching me back up ( and popping my blisters ) every day to go and run another marathon…. I best just do that then…Day 7 awaits… and in the meantime my roomie may Trudie who has only ever ran one marathon before this event, has just done 6 in 6 – go girl, if you believe it is possible.

For anyone wanting to donate then please


One thought on “Day 6 – job done but it wasn’t pretty, but neither are my feet :-)

  1. You’re doing amazingly well, Lucy. But you’re definitely going to lose some toenails. Keep going……!! I love reading your blog and I even wondered to myself whether the pigs would be out today. I need to get out more. Georgina


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