Day 5 131 miles done


So today started with some anxiety, as I have an excruciating pain in my hip, walking was painful, however I could still walk, so that was a positive. Life in the house for 10 days, starts with a training weekend back in January, where you get to meet your fellow runners ( nutters), and from then on you go on the journey together, fundraising, training plans shared and occasionally injury updates. And then when you are here, you enter what I can only describe as a bubble, a running bubble with 16 people all trying to achieve the same thing, a personal challenge of 262 miles but more significantly raise a bucket load of money for this worthy cause.

Well today the bubble was shattered a little all be what we hope temporarily as Malcom Collins who has done the 10 in 10 four times before had to retire. He came in with a knee injury and the one thing about this hilly course, it takes no prisoners. It was a sad start to the day, and I can only describe Malc as true gent who really holds Brathay and the lake close to his heart. Retiring was a tough decision but the right one.

To help lighten the mood, Day 5 is ladies day, which means the girls running get to go off 1st J but in the true spirit of the event, our 2nd year student physio’s lightened the mood and came in ladies attire ( or the lads did).

Off we went at 10.30 as normal and the 1st three miles were the hardest for me so far, I was just putting one step in front of the other, with the hip hurting so much. Pigs were hidden away again ( but what a shock it was raining again) so I don’t blame them. I got to 4 miles and then you enter the village of Hawskhead, the highlight of the run, is all the kids in the local primary school shouting your name and giving you high fives, as you come past. The school supports the event every year and I am not afraid to say it brings a tear to your eye or two. It makes you proud of what you are trying to do and you know how special this event is.

The miles ticked by and finally by mile 9 I had grown used to the pain in the hip, the rain strengthened and my mental resolve did too. Mile 14 came and I approached the hilliest section, which is my favourite bit ( no idea why). Coming into mile 20 Bowness was a bit busier so a few nice shout outs and the same on the last 6 miles of the race.

So that is it, I have completed the Happy Hump day, but who knows what is ahead, 131 miles done with the same again tomorrow, but as soon as I am round the 1st bend, I have done more than halfway.

Thanks to everyone for their support it really makes such a difference, I am now around 80 pound short of the 5K…. so thank you all for your generosity!



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