Day 4 – Even the Ducks had a umbrella’s today

Day 4

What can I say, but it has been a day of torrential rain from beginning to end, and I do think it may have been easier to swim the route rather than run it.

Percy, Pricilla and Paul had the right idea, cuddled up in their sty with no sight or sound of them as I passed their field at 10.45 this morning I could have so easily jumped in and joined them. I didn’t and I kept running, with the hardest day on the course so far.

No-one likes Monday’s do they, it could be said the 6.09 train from Northallerton to Kings Cross had more appeal than the monsoon conditions today. Anyway, I plodded on and the one thing I will say, is after the high of the weekend without family and friends on the course, then I had in my mind today was one for me to be with my own thoughts, not thinking about it only being Day 4, but about each 2 mile interval between each drink station, steady away.

I would say that the one thing that never fails to make you smile and give you that gee-up as you need is the random strangers who continue to beep you and give you the thumbs up, locals knowing the event challenge and the worthiness of the cause, leaning out of the windows shouting, keep going Lucy.

Bowness on Windermere was dead, the complete opposite to the sun and tourist trap it was yesterday, with the ducks and Swans looking for shelter. The last 3 miles hurt like crazy, I am close to losing 4 toenails and had skin like a prune, hoping to avoid the ice bath. However we got the pleasure of 10 mins in there today at 6 degrees and I still have Adam and Katie supporting me with physio, which I can only describe as torture for another hour.

I haven’t got anything else to say and then that’s me done for my blog, as I am feeling it… tired, emotional and still so aware of the the distance to go, 104.8 miles in the bag, tomorrow allows us to get half way.

In the words of the Boom town rats… tell me why I don’t like Mondays……


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